Meet Hanzhang Xu, Ph.D.

Thursday, August 2, 2018
Hanzhang Xu, Ph.D.
Hanzhang Xu, Ph.D.
Hanzhang Xu, Ph.D., joins the Department of Community & Family Medicine as research faculty, effective Aug. 1. She received a doctorate in nursing from the Duke University School of Nursing in 2018. She also completed a doctoral certificate in global health from the Duke Global Health Institute and a certificate in College Teaching from the Duke Graduate School.

Why did you choose to join Duke Community & Family Medicine?
I am very excited about the collaborative environment of clinicians and researchers in the Department of Community and Family Medicine. I am particularly looking forward to anchoring a long-term career of clinical research that leverages the strengths of interdisciplinary collaboration, rigorous mixed-methods research, and the engagement of a wide variety of community stakeholders here in CFM.

What are your research interests?
My research interests center on social determinants of health and disparities in health care, and outcomes in community settings and diverse populations. My current program of research falls under two themes: (i) the analysis of health disparities in a multinational context, with a particular focus on the cognitive function among older adults; and (ii) the integration of patient-reported social factors in cardiovascular outcome research. As an interdisciplinary researcher, I am also interested in using digital technology to promote health maintenance and disease management in cardiovascular populations.

Are there any major research grants you have been a part of or are currently working on?
I have been working with faculty members from School of Nursing, DGHI, and CFM on a Bass Connections project. We are using mixed-methods to examine the caregiving arrangements and needs of community-dwelling older adults in East and South Asia who have experienced cognitive or physical decline. In addition, being part of an interdisciplinary team that includes faculty from Department of Population Health Sciences, Duke Heart Center, and Duke Clinical Research Institute, we are working on an NIH-funded project to examine non-clinical factors in patients hospitalized with cardiovascular disease by linking electronic medical records and claims data with patient-reported data.

Is there any other information you would like to share?
Just that I am thrilled to join CFM. I am looking forward to working with these wonderful faculty and students in this department.