Two Medical Students Awarded Scholarships to Implement Community Projects

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Department of Family Medicine and Community Health has awarded scholarships to two third-year medical students, Pratik Doshi and Julian Xie, to implement projects that address an unmet need in the community.

Doshi is the recipient of the Eva J. Salber Award, given to a third-year medical student to investigate and improve the health of a defined, disadvantaged population group. The award is named for Eva J. Salber, M.D., an early pioneer in Duke's efforts to partner with Durham County on community health projects.

Doshi’s project, “DukeMed Benefits Enrollment Center Fellows,” will provide opportunities for medical students and other health care professions students to engage with several diverse communities in the Durham area by connecting community members with both medical and non-medical resources they need. Doshi’s project adviser is Barbara Sheline, M.D., professor of family medicine and community health.

Xie is the recipient of the Michael R. Nathan Memorial Fund, which is awarded to a third-year medical student who undertakes a project in community health, occupational health, or international health. The fund is named for Michael R. Nathan, M.D., a 1973 graduate of Duke University School of Medicine. Nathan was killed in the Greensboro Massacre 40 years ago this month.

Xie’s project, “Root Causes Fresh Produce Program” will improve the health of marginalized Durham residents through food assistance, and increase the capacity for health care providers and clinics to address food insecurity. Xie’s project adviser is Patrick Hemming, M.D., assistant professor of medicine.