Elizabeth Sheehan, MPH, PA-C

Containers to Clinics
Founder and President

Class of 1985
Induction: 2010


Elizabeth Sheehan is founder and president of Containers to Clinics, a non-profit organization that retrofits discarded portable shipping containers into health clinics with high-quality equipment, medicines, and medical staff. The clinics are transported to underserved areas of the developing world to administer primary healthcare and health education to the most vulnerable population on earth; poor women and children.

Ms. Sheehan is a 1985 graduate of the Duke PA Program, having earned a BS in pre-medical studies from College of the Holy Cross in 1981. She earned the MHS from Duke in 1989, and an MPH in Health Planning, Policy and Finance at the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and the London School of Economics in 1997.

Ms. Sheehan has more than 20 years of clinical experience in the US and internationally. She worked for humanitarian organizations, public hospitals in developing countries and USAID in Cambodia, Mozambique, Angola and Tanzania. She has witnessed death and disability due to lack of access to health care, and the subsequent impact on communities and families, and sought to make a difference through her work.

Sheehan states, “In the late summer of 2008, I had the ‘ah-ha’ moment in which I connected the repurposing of shipping containers into portable, standardized delivery systems for primary health care. I had certainly seen dozens of ports in developing countries where shipping containers stood piled up while women and children only 50 miles away were dying from the lack of antibiotics and staffed clinic.” She founded Containers to Clinics in 2008 to meet the global health need with a global surplus of shipping containers. The first clinic units will be deployed to Port-au-Prince in partnership with AmeriCares, Management Sciences for Health,  the Haitian Ministry of Health and Maersk.

At the 2010 Graduation Ceremony, Liz was recognized at the Alumnus of the Year.