Initiative Funding

The Duke Family Medicine LGBTQ+ PCMH is committed to maintaining excellence in our key strategic missions as outlined in our model.


To continue to build this program of distinction, we must rely on the generosity of individuals who share our vision and passion for serving our LGBTQ+ community.  Philanthropic giving will be a driving force behind our success.  The following areas are vital to our growth and are viewed as key strategic elements of program development.

High-quality, Knowledgeable Patient-Centered Care

Consists of exposure, understanding and mastery of health-related topics pertaining to a given individual’s role within the health care setting. Basic medical knowledge is the foundation upon which our field is centered and as such is a critical element in the development of cultural competency.

LGBTQ+ Positive Institutional Culture

Consists of the overarching environment that employees and patients are exposed to on a day-to-day basis. This environment includes institutional policy inclusion, grievance procedures, and overall exposure and attitude toward diverse populations.

Authentic Community Engagement

The only way to truly serve a community is by understanding the needs this community has. As such, building partnerships with key community stakeholders and conducting needs assessments are crucial. These interactions in turn will help shape programs and services that will be most useful for our population.


Research is the foundation upon which our profession lies. There is a lack of local research as it relates to the LGBTQ+ community and as such, a huge need to begin to collect this information. True innovation in regards to creating strategies for decreasing health care disparities springs forth from research. We plan to develop a fund to support such projects.

Sponsorship Levels

LGBTQ+ Health Supporter

LGBTQ+ Health Ally

LGBTQ+ Health Champion

LGBTQ+ Health Advocate

LGBTQ+ Health Guardian

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