Meet Natalie Tammen, MHS, PA-C

Thursday, July 26, 2018
Natalie Tammen, PA-C
Natalie Tammen, MHS, PA-C
Natalie Tammen, MHS, PA-C, joined the department as a physician assistant in June and will be splitting her time between Duke Family Medicine Center and Walltown Neighborhood Clinic. Tammen is a 2017 alumna of the Duke Physician Assistant Program.

Where were you practicing/working previous to Duke? What was your role there?
Prior to this role, I worked as a medical assistant in a busy women’s health clinic that also offered pediatric and primary care services to a population with limited access to healthcare.

Why did you choose to join Duke Community & Family Medicine?
I love variety in my work and that is something that Duke Community & Family Medicine absolutely offers. Not only am I able to work with patients of all ages from different socioeconomic backgrounds and levels of health literacy, but I am constantly faced with new diagnostic challenges that keep me thinking on my toes and always learning something new. I have always wanted to use my medical experience and education to help others in my community lead happy, healthy lives and I am excited for this opportunity to care for the kind and hardworking folks in Durham.

Is there any other information you would like to share?
My family and I are still relatively new to Durham (California transplants), and we love exploring its many hidden gems – I am always looking for restaurant, hiking and kid-friendly recommendations, so please share yours if you see me around!

What is your clinical focus/what types of patients will you be taking care of at Duke? At what clinic/locations will you be working?
In this role, I will split my time between the Duke Family Medicine Center and a community health Micro Clinic in Durham. In both locations I will practice family medicine and care for patients of all ages with acute and chronic health concerns ranging from colds and minor injuries to diabetes and hypertension.

What is your approach to clinical care?
I believe that everyone is entitled to their own idea of what defines a healthy life. I love working with patients to figure out what a healthy life looks like to them and then partnering with them to find ways to incorporate medical treatments and preventative health measures into their life in a way that feels sustainable and comfortable. My goal is to set patients up for success and to me that means individualizing care to meet patients where they are at.