Access to affordable, accessible, quality health care is important to the physical and mental health of the patients we serve in Durham, North Carolina. The Department’s Division of Community Health provides and expands access to medical care by operating neighborhood clinics, home-based primary care initiatives, care management, and school-based clinics and wellness programs.

Micro Clinics

Since 2003, the Division of Community Health has opened and operates three neighborhood clinics in collaboration with Durham’s Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Lincoln Community Health Center. These clinics are Holton Wellness Center, Lyon Park Clinic and the Walltown Neighborhood Clinic.

Home-Based Primary Care

The division’s Just for Us program serves older adults and seniors in Durham County with limited mobility, limited transportation, or other barriers to routine medical care in the traditional office setting.

School-Based Wellness Centers

The division operates a state-credentialed school-based clinic at Southern High School.