The role of the education unit of the Division of Community Health is to lead and support education/training programs that cultivate new health care leaders who can deliver effective community-based and community-engaged health care services to diverse populations, address health care disparities, apply clinical leadership skills to strengthen effective strategies for health and wellness, and serve as change agents for improved patient and community outcomes within an evolving health care environment.

Educational programs include:

Resources for Population Health Training and Education

The Division of Community Health partners with the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health in creating materials for population health training and education.

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Credentialing for Faculty in Community Health

Community health credentialing can be obtained as a secondary credential. For more information on the credentialing process and criteria, please contact Michelle Lyn, chief of the Division of Community Health.

Workforce Development

Home Care Chronic Disease Prevention Training

This program is designed to enhance the skills of certified nursing assistants to improve health outcomes using motivational interviewing.

Motivational Interviewing

The Division of Community Health supports two Duke psychologists who offer ongoing mentoring to medical providers who serve patients with Medicaid.