About The Program

Through its rich leadership and management program content, this one-year leadership development program will train the advanced practice nurse to be better able to meet the challenges of the evolving health care environment.  Fellows who successfully complete the program will be equipped with the skills and competencies to lead health care teams to increased operational efficiency and improved patient outcomes.

With a focus on the creation and sustainability of patient-centered practices, the Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership program emphasizes the behaviors of exemplary leaders to enable nurse professionals to identify their personal leadership styles and philosophies and learn how to expand upon them when directing health care teams.  Skills and competencies acquired through program participation can be applicable to the urban, rural, large or small clinical environment.

The program utilizes an innovative delivery approach that combines monthly distance-based learning activities, small-group mentoring with experienced coaches, and three core leadership sessions -- two of which are held on-site and one of which is held via web-conference. Fellows also conduct a transformational health project that incorporates use of leadership and quality improvement skills acquired throughout the program and are given the opportunity to receive individualized professional development coaching as well.


The Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership program provides advanced practice nurses with transformational leadership development to prepare them to implement change in their practice settings and within the evolving and challenging health care environment.


By augmenting the fellows’ professional growth and development through a transformative learning experience, the Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership program aims to increase the number of advanced practice nurses who:

  • possess core skills and competencies to effectively lead nurse-managed health care practices
  • utilize state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to catalyze change within systems of care
  • act on behalf of patients to address needs within the larger health care system
  • provide quality care that is efficient and effective to improve individual and community health outcomes