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2020-2021 MHS-CLP Academic Calendar
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Courses in the Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Leadership focus on topics that include:

  • Health Care Organization and Policy
  • Health Care Operations
  • Population Health Management
  • Quality Measurement and Improvement for Clinical Leaders
  • Informatics for Health Care Professionals
  • Fundamentals of Healthcare Finance
  • Contemporary Human Capital Management
  • Fundamentals of Social Media for Health Care Professionals
  • The Successful Clinical Leader
  • Community Engaged Approaches to Health Improvement

Students complete a total of 42 credit hours of study that include 26 units of graded core courses (CLP 206-CLP 217), five seminar courses (CLP 200-CLP 204) for which a total of 10 units of credit are given, and a team health care leadership project (CLP 205 Parts I and II) for which 6 units of credit are given.

Students generally take two courses each in the fall, spring and summer terms of each year completing required course work in two and a half to three years.   

Master’s Project

The culminating experience of the Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Leadership is a year-long health care leadership project which weaves together the knowledge and skills developed over the program to focus on a real issue in the world of health care. It is a team experience in which the cohort acts as a consultant group for a client to gather requirements, to formulate a research question, to gather data, and to present a plan to the client. The project takes theory into practice; providing an experience in dealing with the complexities of system change, organization management and teamwork while offering a real service to the client.

Leadership Coaching

Students will have an opportunity to receive targeted leadership coaching intended to enhance a specific skill set or emotional intelligence competency, as determined by the student and executive leadership coach.