Director's Letter

When the Duke University faculty first imagined this program in 1998, they took a bold step to advance the practice of health care leadership. They looked to the future and determined that the fast-paced and unpredictable patterns of health care delivery demanded a different type of leader, one who could innovate, build teams and partnerships, act decisively in the face of formidable industry challenges, and understand the complexities of communities, families, patients, and employees. They determined that in order to address these broad leadership needs, a program needed to be built that drew upon the expertise of Duke University's professional schools in medicine, nursing, business, law, and public policy. Such collaboration would provide the future leaders of America's health care industry with full access to a specialized professional degree program designed specifically to meet their needs.

We are pleased to bring to you this extraordinary academic endeavor. Those of us who were involved in developing it encourage you to consider applying. We are hopeful that what you will learn by attending will not only contribute to your own professional growth and development, but will contribute to the creation of new models of health care.


Anh N. Tran, PhD, MPH
Program Director, MHS-Clinical Leadership Program
Vice Chief of Education
Division of Community Health
Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
Duke University Medical Center