Consultations & Collaborations

The Department of Family Medicine and Community Health offers a wide range of occupational health consultation services to Duke University and Duke University Medical Center, as well as local and regional industries. Services include:

  • Occupational health program development and medical surveillance for working populations exposed to hazardous working conditions.
  • Ergonomics work site evaluations, risk assessments, facility design, and professional training courses that focus on office ergonomics, supervisor and manager training, manual materials handling, and reducing injuries in the health care environment.
  • Occupational mental health programs such as executive leadership, performance, and interpersonal communication coaching; corporate and health care presentations and workshops; and retreat facilitation.
  • Toxicology program providing toxicological assessments of consumer and commercial products necessary to comply with federal and state laws concerning labeling and working hazard communication.
  • Work ability/disability assessments.