Teaching Chronic Care to Durham Children

Chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease affect more than half of all Americans.  Many Durham-area middle and high school students have family members affected by chronic illness, and some students bear the responsibility of caring for family members at home. The Teaching Chronic Care to Durham Children project, was funded by the McKesson Foundation. 

Although the initial funding period has ended, this project is currently sustained via the Learning Together program, within Duke’s Division of Community Health.

The current project goals are:

  • To introduce students to the precursors of chronic disease and how to manage chronic disease
  • To create age-appropriate health education lesson plans to help middle and high school students attending Durham Public Schools understand the impact of chronic illness on their families, their communities, and themselves
  • To assist teachers in educating their students about healthier lifestyle choices as part of the State of North Carolina's mandated curricular goals for Health/Physical Fitness Education  

To date, Learning Together program staff and Duke Health professional students continue to create short lesson plans focused on five goals of the State’s Health/Physical Education curriculum dedicated to health topics.  Each lesson plan can be seamlessly embedded into teachers' existing curricula. 

Lesson topics cover a variety of chronic health-related issues including stress reduction, exercise, nutrition, and staying tobacco free.  Using the lessons requires no previous health knowledge or formal training.  When requested, Duke Health professional students are available to teach these health-related topics to school children.

For more information contact:

The Learning Together Program
Teaching Chronic Care to Durham Children
DUMC Box 104425
Durham, NC 27710
Phone: (919) 681-8365
Fax: (919) 613-6899
Contact:  Kim Nichols, Program Coordinator