Our program is dedicated to training family physicians who are excellent clinicians, leaders, and advocates of health care within the community. We partner with a variety of local health care and community teams to meet the needs of various individuals, families, and populations, with the core goal of reducing health care disparities and improving health.

Our residents are passionate individuals, expressing interest in health care policy, advocacy, and leadership, as well as in community engagement, global health, and clinical care. We meet their interests and educational needs through a variety of strong clinical rotations, leadership opportunities, local and international electives, a strong emphasis on population health and innovative models of health care delivery and education.

"We all want to be the most competent family physicians we can be, and Duke Family Medicine not only prepares us to be that but also recognizes the diverse passions of its residents as strengths rather than distractions, and has designed a curriculum and environment to allow exploration of those interests concurrently with clinical training."