Occupational Mental Health Programs

Duke Professional and Personal Development Program (PPDP) and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) are subsidiaries of the OEM's Occupational Mental Health Programs. Our expertise enables us to offer organizations a range of services to help build and maintain healthy individuals and productive workplaces.

Our PPDP services include leadership, performance, and life coaching; consultation, training, corporate and health care presentations/workshops; and retreat facilitation. These services can be provided in-person, telephonically, onsite, and/or off site. We work collaboratively to understand the needs of each individual, team or organization and to tailor services that are “just right” for you. Our experienced, dedicated staff is available to assist with customizing a response to your unique business needs.

Our goal as a fee-for-service EAP is to prevent small problems from becoming larger ones, to provide troubled employees with the assistance they need to improve their professional, personal, and/or work life, and to enhance the well-being of each organization’s workforce.

We offer three core services:

  • Professional and Personal Development Program
  • Leadership Enhancement and Development Program Services
  • Employee Assistance Program in the Local Area 

Professional & Personal Development Program (PPDP Fee-for-Service)

Duke PPDP offers consultation, trainings, workshops, facilitation, team development, and executive, leadership performance, and life coaching services to individuals, corporations, and businesses, (e.g. employees, coordinators, frontline supervisors, new and seasoned managers, and senior management).

Services offered:

  • Leadership development (LEAD Program)
  • Professional coaching
  • Emotional intelligence refinement
  • Stress, resilience, spirituality, and mindfulness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Inspiring excellence
  • Relationship enhancement
  • Team-building

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Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Program for Physicians, Healthcare, Business, and Non-Profit Professionals (Individual Coaching and Program Packages)

Duke LEAD services are geared toward professionals interested in executive, leadership, communication, interpersonal, performance, and/or life coaching and/or consulting activities for either themselves, direct reports or others in their organization.

Services offered:

  • Executive, leadership, and life coaching               
  • Management and supervisor coaching                         
  • Performance coaching                                               
  • Organization consultation                                         
  • Communication and conflict management coaching              
  • Targeted coaching
  • Stress management coaching
  • Career transition coaching
  • GME consultation and trainee coaching
  • Professional women coaching and consultation
  • Management development for new and seasoned managers and leaders
  • Team development consultation and coaching  
  • Interpersonal coaching
  • Public speaking coaching
  • Work-life balance coaching

Employee Assistance Program (EAP Fee-for-Service)

Duke EAP provides customized, short-term solution focused counseling for companies and nonprofit small-size employee workforces/organizations in the local area.

Services offered:

  • Assessment, short-term counseling and referral                
  • Employee orientation
  • Manager/supervisor consultation
  • Team development and building
  • Helping manager’s manage trainings
  • Customized EAP Talks


Judith C. Holder, PhD
Phone: 919.286.1244
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