Interdisciplinary Training

Duke faculty are involved in interdisciplinary training experiences that involve students in other occupational health core programs. This course involves trainees within the core programs of occupational medicine, industrial hygiene and occupational nursing. The didactic portion of this course stresses the development of problem solving skills using a programmatic approach that involves the integration of specialists in all three disciplines. Problem solving skills obtained in taking this course are useful in the programmatic approach to any occupational or environmental problem. The field portion of this course focuses on the team approach to providing occupational health services and involves site visits to various industries and on-site occupational health programs in the area.

Occupational medicine residents also work with multidisciplinary teams of nurses and safety and industrial hygiene professionals when working on onsite projects at Duke Employee Occupational Health & Wellness, GlaxoSmithKline, Womack Army Medical Center, NC Health Department and other practicum sites. The semi-monthly Occupational Seminar and Journal Club also presents an opportunity for interdisciplinary perspectives since speakers and attendees include physicians, nurses and safety and hygiene professionals from Duke University Medical Center and the community.