Physician Assistant Program Pioneers

“We stand on the shoulders of our predecessors. Gene Stead understood that. He always said the kudos he received should really be directed to the first PAs who finished the Duke PA Program — they were the ones who made the profession a success.”

— E. Harvey Estes, Jr., MD
     October 5, 2011, PA Week Celebration, Duke PA Program


We recognize the first five years of Duke PA graduates, whose pioneering efforts made the profession possible.

Class of 1967

Kenneth Felix Ferrell
Victor Germino
Richard Scheele

Class of 1968

John Allan Braun
James Edward Broach
Craig Bruno
Thomas Elisher Dunn
Prentiss Harrison
Stephen Joyner
David Ellis Lowe
Earle Sargent Maloway
John McQueary
Charles Alden Mitchell
Paul Francis Moson
Nelson Myers
Edward Lee Panepento
Paul Stephen Toth

Class of 1969

Alfred Thomas Bibby
Ernest Bernard Eason
Carl Emil Fasser
Tom Godkins
James Curtis Knight
Fred Davis McCurdy
Ronald Leon Peterson
Glenn Leroy Rowand
William Stanhope
William Joseph Vogler
Roger Whittaker

Class of 1970

Thomas David Aschenbrener
Ronald Bruce Bean
Benjamin David Berger
Michael John Brown
Charles Eugene Dubay
Michael Kemper Fitch
Lazaro Gonzales
Howard Bruce Goodwin
Amos H. Graber
James Eldon Konopa
Arthur Roger Lamb
Jerry Hilton Miller
Joyce C. Nichols
Michael George Quirk
Bruce Arthur Schalamon

Class of 1971

James Ross Asher
James Mitchell Bartow
Carlos Michael Bray
Barry Allen Cassidy
Clarence Hugh Cederquist
Harvey G. Colley
Henry Bobbie Colson
Robert Kenneth Cronk
George Holman Downs
Dennis Errol Franklin
Robert E. Freeman
Lewis Bernard Hopson
Douglas Harry Huber
James Franklin Key
Larry Brant King
Leslie L. Kurilla
Russell Franklin Lawrence
Charles Claude Lewis
Robert Brooks Malone
Richard Joseph McIlvoy
Patsy Glenn Mitchell
Gilbert Richard Nelmes
Corbin Joel Peterson
Gary George Phelps
Steven Michael Pulliam
Kevin Paul Purdy
Clara Evans Vanderbilt
Jarrett Michael Wise




Duke University President Brodhead recognizes Duke PA Pioneers

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