Belinda Khou PA-S Belinda Khou PA-S

It’s somewhat humorous now, but I signed up to write a blog in May because I knew it would feel like I was blazing toward graduation. I would be in the middle of my general surgery rotation and have plenty of outpatient and inpatient experiences under my belt.

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Ashton Smith PA-S Ashton Smith PA-S

Note: This blog post was written in February, 2020

Three years ago,  I took a tremendous leap of faith. With the blessing and support of my husband, I left a job I loved and returned to school to pursue my dream of becoming a physician assistant.

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Kailey Redding PA-S Kailey Redding, PA-S

My first clinical rotation was primary care in rural North Carolina. One of the first patients I saw on my own was an older man with diabetes whose wife had accompanied him to his appointment. They were both in the room when I told him his A1C had come down to his goal and congratulated him on finally controlling his blood sugar. His wife expressed some jealousy that she wasn’t having as much ease controlling her own blood sugar. At the end of the appointment she said to me, “so… will you still be here in September?

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Talor Kovarik PA-S Taylor Kovarik PA-S

One thing not on my checklist of items to bring to Durham for the Duke Physician Assistant Program was camping equipment. After hearing endless stories of how I would never have time to do anything fun while in school, I found myself shopping for a tent less than six weeks into the didactic year.

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Anna Stephenson PA-S Anna Stephenson PA-S

Each Student is Unique – A Path to PA School

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