LeiMeredith Moore-Byers PA-S LeiMeredith Moore-Byers PA-S

The Lane

To be a physician assistant student is to voluntarily commit to expanding your mind daily for 24-36 months and beyond. I will use this space to share a thing or two I wish I knew.

I am thinking back to the moment when pursuing healthcare just felt right. A newly minted 911 dispatcher for Virginia's capital, EMS calls had a hold on me in a way that was impossible to ignore. Five years later, I began the most rigorous training I have personally ever received.

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Michaela Kaltner PA-S Michaela Kaltner PA-S

Few experiences can so universally provoke feelings of nervousness, excitement, and anxiety as a first day.  Whether it be a first day of school, first day at a new job, or first day of a new clinical rotation, many of us have experienced enough first days in our lives to wonder – how many times before this becomes less awkward?   

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James Bayless PA-S James Bayless PA-S

I am sitting here on my 31st birthday, as a first-year student in my second semester at the Duke University Physician Assistant Program, thinking about all the advice I have received over the years. One of the best pieces of advice was during my second tour of duty to Afghanistan when Dr. Shepherd asked me, “Are PA schools or medical schools going anywhere?” I was slightly confused by the question, but then he said, “If there is any job you want to do before you start PA school, you need to do that first.” That statement stayed with me when my enlistment ended in December of 2014.

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Soijett Blue PA-S Soijett Blue PA-S

I was scribing in a Radiation Oncology clinic in December 2019 when a notification appeared: “Offer of Admission, Duke Physician Assistant Program.” Forgoing all decorum, I let out a loud shriek and informed the physician that I had been accepted.

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Taylor Kovarik PA-S headshot Taylor Kovarik PA-S

Since I was a little kid, I have wanted to live in a big city. Growing up in a small town and going to college at a rural state institution left me wanting to be somewhere urban and bustling. I wanted to meet people from all over. So you could say that I was not particularly excited about completing the Duke Physician Assistant Program’s required two rural clinical rotations. When I got my clinical year schedule, I was honestly a little disheartened to see that my first and third rotations were going to be “away rotations.”

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