Cindy Leung, PA-S

Friday morning I wake up realizing I have spent the past six hours dreaming about studying. However, I am relieved that it is my favorite day of the week and I can wear a T-shirt and scrubs all day today. I pack my laptop, make sure I have my notes and rush out the door to a day of anatomy and practicing clinical skills.

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Mallory Begley, PA-S

Duke Basketball Campout 2016

Who said you can’t have fun in PA school?

It seems like we just entered the halls of the Duke Physician Assistant Program (DPAP) building and in the blink of an eye, we hit our one-month mark! The cranial juices are flowing strong, accompanied by newfound school spirit! GO DUKE!

Our blood bleeds blue as we embrace the social aspect of our new community. Get ready for the most popular, crazy and defining moment of Duke grad school social events: CAMPOUT!

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Neena Pack, PA-S

Bridge Course – Transition to the 2nd Year

With the fast pace and large volume of content during the first year of PA school, it is easy to feel as though you haven’t absorbed it all by the time rotations start. You are very well-prepared, you just don’t know it yet – welcome to Bridge Course.

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Allison Capek, PA-S

PANCE Preparation

Now that I’m reaching the end, I start to reflect on the beginning.

“In the distance with waves crashing against its sides stands a lighthouse. Inside its keeper diligently works to keep the lantern lit. Striving to keep my inner lamp lit, I’m pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant.”

These were the first sentences I wrote in my personal narrative used to apply for PA school. Now in my 2nd year looking back, much like a lighthouse, I’ve endured many challenging “waves.”

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Meher Ellahi Meher Ellahi, PA-S

Post Interview

It was the Friday after my admissions interview with the Duke Physician Assistant Program, and I sat in front of the computer refreshing my email every second. I was told I would hear the decision by the end of the week. At around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I got an email from Ms. Wendy Elwell, admissions coordinator, that read: “Welcome to the Class of 2018.”

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