Elyn Stenzel Elyn Stenzel, PA-S

Practicum (breast, men's, GYN)

In the months leading up to my matriculation into the Duke Physician Assistant Program, I was filled with so much excitement. I was practically giddy to begin learning about all facets of human anatomy and to have the opportunity for hands-on learning in the anatomy lab. I was eagerly awaiting the chance to learn about surgical procedures and practice sutures for the very first time. However, there were a few aspects of Duke’s program that I was not looking forward to – the breast, men’s, and GYN practicums.

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Jeff Otto Jeff Otto, PA-S

It was the middle of May and I was flying back from Norwalk, Conn., to Durham for graduation weekend. On my flight back, it hit me that my dream of being a physician assistant was closer than ever before. Clearly, when I found out I was accepted to the Duke Physician Assistant Program, I knew one day I would be a certified PA but for some reason it now felt more real. I had put in endless hours — both prior to and during PA school — working as an EMT to gain valuable health care experience and studying. The light at the end of the tunnel was brighter than ever before.

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Kaitlyn Schmutz Kaitlyn Schmutz, PA-S

Bring your laptop, Ethernet cable, power cord, and nothing else -- for it is a Call Back Day! You have just completed four or eight weeks of a demanding, yet engaging, rotation and it is time to be tested on the entirety of that medical specialty. 

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Jason Smith, PA-S

It’s 4:30 a.m. when the soothing sounds of Jack Johnson drift into my half-conscious thoughts. I know that I should turn off my alarm, but the melody is slowly taking me to a beach far, far away from the grueling demands of PA school.

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Serena Sam Serena Sam, PA-S

There are many things you hear—or read on the internet—when you first start PA school. For example:

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