Hondo Espino Hondo Espino, PA-S

“Alright Espino, you’re up!” 

It’s the start of Day 2 during my Obstetrics-Gynecology rotation and these are the words my preceptor tells me as we get paged into Labor and Delivery. I feel a surge of anticipation rush through my body as I realize what those words mean– it’s time to for me to deliver a baby! 

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Emily Choi Emily Choi, PA-S

In addition to our fascinating anatomy cadaver dissection labs on Fridays, we have the Patient Assessment and Counselling I (PAC I) course to look forward to.  While half of our class is in the anatomy lab exploring parts of the body on cadavers, the other half is in PAC I learning the relevant non-invasive physical examination technique on our class partner. We prepare for PAC I each week by watching a prerecorded lecture and taking an online quiz to ensure we will be ready for the session.

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Nicole Bush Nicole Bush, PA-S

There are four days left until winter break and although the break is much needed, I am somewhat sad that I won’t be starting another rotation in a few days.  So far, I have completed 5 months of clinical rotations and already the growth is palpable. I began rotations feeling anxious and uncertain of what to expect.  I had learned so much during the didactic year, but I couldn’t help but feel patchy in my knowledge.

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