PHYASST 373  Clinical Elective-Independent Study

Course Description: The one-credit course is available to PA students who wish to propose an individualized alternative learning plan on a topic of their selection for an elective course during the clinical year.  This plan will require approved assessment measures with advanced approval by the Clinical Year Team and Program Leadership.  Credits: 1-4. 

PHYASST 374  Opioids in America

Course Description: The purpose of this one-week course is to build on the previously established preclinical knowledge of opioids and the initial 8 hours of MAT training to provide PA students with more advanced knowledge on the status of the opioid crisis in the United States, as well as best practices for managing pain in a primary care setting.   The course will cover the final 16 hours of training PAs need to become eligible for MAT waiver once they are certified PAs.  It will also explore clinical skills for providers treating addiction, management of tapering patients off opioids, and preparation for DEA licensure.  Learning activities will consist of online modules, expert Q&A discussion, non-fiction, and first-hand accounts of experiences with the opioid crisis, individual reflection and peer discussion on course topics. Credits: 1. 

PHYASST 377 Humanism in Health and Healthcare

Course Description: This one-week course is designed to provide a foundation for PA students to appreciate and apply humanism in health and healthcare in their professional practice. Topics covered in this course range from the history and future of humanism in medicine, medicalization and overdiagnosis, the science of empathy, and the intersection of marginalization, otherness, and cultural competency.  This is a self-directed course, instructional materials to build knowledge include readings, video modules, interactive group activities, and short written reflections and quizzes.  Throughout this course, students will develop their ability to practice humanism and self-care and to recognize and navigate societal barriers to healthcare.  Credits: 1.  

PHYASST 376 Advanced Clinical Medicine

Course Description: This three-week course is an online course covering advanced topics in clinical medicine. The curriculum consists of three curricular units posted weekly on various clinical medicine topics, as well as a presentation of a literature review of a student-selected topic.  Learning activities include podcasts, articles, discussion prompts, interactive cases, multiple-choice questions, and literature review.  Credits: 3. 

PHYASST 378 Standing on the Shoulders of Giants- PA Leadership Development

Course Description: The purpose of this two-week course is to provide PA students with leadership knowledge and skills, guidance from PA leaders, and an opportunity to explore their own leadership interests and goals.  This course will cover a range of leadership related topics including leadership theory, communication, advocacy, and will involve opportunities for students to reflect on their own strengths and areas for development.  Learning activities will consist of virtual presentations by leaders in healthcare, readings and modules, individual reflection, and small group discussion with faculty and peers.  Credits: 2.