Grading Standards

The Duke Physician Assistant Program is designed to integrate classroom and clinical learning experiences considered necessary for competency as health care providers. Therefore, failing any required course will result in dismissal from the program.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, preclinical and clinical year grades are assigned as follows:

Satisfactory = 70-100;
Unsatisfactory = below 70.

Students in the Duke Physician Assistant Program are participants in a professional training program whose graduates assume health provider positions requiring a high level of responsibility. Accordingly, students are evaluated not only on their academic and clinical skills but also on their interpersonal skills, reliability, appearance and professional conduct. Deficiencies in any of these areas will be brought to the student’s attention in the form of a written evaluation and may result in probation, suspension or dismissal from the program. Attendance at all lectures is expected and is required for laboratory and clinical experiences.

The completion (graduation) rate was 99% for students entering the Duke PA Program over the past 5 years.

Technical Standards

All candidates for the physician assistant certificate must have the intellectual ability to learn, integrate, analyze, and synthesize data. They must have functional use of the senses of vision, hearing, equilibrium, and taste. Their exteroceptive (touch, pain, temperature) and proprioceptive (position, pressure, movement, stereognosis, and vibratory) senses must be sufficiently intact to enable them to carry out all activities required for a complete PA education. Candidates must have motor function capabilities to meet the demands of PA education and the demands of total patient care.

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