Duke PA faculty Morgan and Everett win awards at PAEA conference

Thursday, November 3, 2016
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Two Duke Physician Assistant Program faculty received awards at the Physician Assistant Education Association Conference in October.

Perri Morgan, Ph.D, MEd, PA-C, professor of community and family medicine and director of research for the Duke Physician Assistant Program, and Christine Everett, Ph.D, MPH PA-C, assistant professor of community and family medicine, were honored for having made noteworthy contributions to PA education and the PA profession.

Article of the Year Award

Perri Morgan, Ph.D, MEd, PA-C
With Christine Everett, Ph.D, MPH, PA-C, and Esther Hing, MPH

Morgan, Everett, and Hing’s Healthcare article, “Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Physicians in Community Health Centers, 2006-2010,” shows an extraordinary trend in the reliance on PAs and NPs to deliver care to the underserved. The study highlights PAs as a crucial part of primary care efforts at community health centers and has implications for how to best build teams of providers for maximum effectiveness.


Research Achievement Award

Christine Everett, Ph.D., MPH, PA-C

Everett was recognized for her commitment to innovative, precise methodology and her ability to collaborate on impactful research with colleagues across the spectrum of health care. Since 2009, she has authored or co-authored 18 peer-reviewed articles that have been published in several prestigious journals including Healthcare, Health Affairs, JPAE, and JAAPA.



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