Duke PA Student Emily Campbell Winner of 2021 Bass Connections Student Research Award

Friday, April 23, 2021
By Rhiannon Giles
Emily Campbell PA-A
Emily Campbell PA-S

First-year Duke PA student Emily Campbell was recently selected as a recipient for the 2021 Bass Connections Student Research Award. 

According to their website, "Bass Connections creates opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to work alongside faculty to explore societal challenges through interdisciplinary research teams. The Bass Connections Student Research Award provides funds of up to $3,000 (for one to two students) or $5,000 (for groups of more than two students) to support student-directed research projects[.]"
Campbell will be joining the project, "Utilization of Free Volunteer Pop-up Clinics in Medically Underserved Communities in the United States."

She says her previous work as a dietitian left her frustrated with how far many patients' conditions had progressed by the time they were referred to her. To widen her scope of practice she decided to become a PA.

"I want to be on the front lines in the fight to improve access to high-quality health care and believe that one of the best ways to do this is as a primary care provider.  Being involved in this project will make me a better clinician. It will allow me to learn more about the demographics of the patient population I hope to work with and how to better serve them as a provider," Campbell said. 
She is hopeful the data collected for this project will be beneficial in improving quality health care coverage to more people. 

The chance to work on this project also dovetails into her post-graduation interests.

"I hope to be able to use the research skills gained from participating once I’m a practicing PA to help improve the quality of health care and access to health care to those in the communities in which I live and serve," Campbell said. "I am very interested in working with underserved communities after graduation, with a particular focus on diabetes prevention and management."