Duke Physician Assistant Program Awards 89 Certificates

Friday, August 3, 2018
PA class of 2018
Eighty-nine PA students received their certificates on Aug. 3.

Members of the Duke Physician Assistant Program Class of 2018 received their physician assistant certificates in a ceremony on Aug. 3 at the Duke Physician Assistant Program. The students received Master of Health Sciences degrees from Duke University in May. The Class of 2018 includes 89 graduates.

Stead Society President Emily Oslie addressed her classmates with words of encouragement.

“When we have hard days, or when we’re working overnight with challenging patients, or when the obligations at home seem overwhelming, we need to remember why we wanted to become a physician assistant,” Oslie said. “Each of us has a reason for why we provide such meaningful care, and that is something we need to carry every day for the rest of our time as PAs.”

The following PA students were inducted into Pi Alpha, the national PA honor society, representing the top 15 percent of their class:

  • Mia Benton
  • Shelby Bettoney
  • Ruby Bowers
  • Jacob Holcomb
  • Rachel Kurecka
  • Jessica Lawton
  • Deanna Matthew
  • Scott Moffitt
  • Cristina Pruett
  • Kendra Rumback
  • Lori Teraoka
  • Nicole Traina
  • Abigail Webb

Additionally, Michael L. Steigerwald, Jr., MHS, PA-C, Class of 2012, was inducted into Pi Alpha as an alumnus, and Lorraine Anglin, MHS, PA-C, medical instructor of community and family medicine, was inducted as a faculty member.

Ashley Britt, MPA, MSEd, PA-C, a clinical preceptor in the Emergency Department at Duke University Medical Center, was awarded the Henry “Buddy” Lee Treadwell Award by the Class of 2018. The award is named after Treadwell, who was considered the “prototype PA,” and greatly influenced the vision of Eugene A. Stead Jr., M.D., for PA education and function. Stead founded the Duke Physician Assistant Program and the profession.

Jennifer Pennington, senior program coordinator, was awarded the first Stead Society’s Outstanding Staff Award by the Class of 2018.