Community Health Training Module

Community Health Training Module

Working in the community and with the community can be an exciting and rewarding process and is a critical strategy to extend health beyond healthcare.  We can proactively address health needs in a community setting, but community engagement presents different challenges than working in a conventional clinical setting.

This module describes steps to take to develop a community health program or project.  Programs can range from a one-time health screening event to an ongoing educational program or collaboration with community residents.  No matter the size or scope of a community health project, many of the basic steps are the same.

This training module must be completed, and the test passed with a score of 80% or higher, within the previous 24 months of the submission of the Community Health Activity Request form.

If you have questions about the form, email

Review the requirements for conducting a community health activity.

Accessing the training module

If you are a member of the Duke community

Go to the Duke LMS site and log in with your net id and password to register for the course.

Once logged in, type in “community” in the upper right hand search bar.

Select “Community Health Engagement Training” and click Register. The course offering number is 00073198.

If you are not a member of the Duke community

Click here to access the training. Your score will not be recorded but you can print your results.

For research projects go to the IRB site or use this link:

Review the Community Health Engagement training references and resources.