Hospital Medicine Fellowship

The Department of Family Medicine and Community Health offers a one-year Hospital Medicine Fellowship for graduates of a family medicine residency. The goal of the Hospital Medicine Fellowship is to provide one year of intensive inpatient training, such that upon completion of the fellowship, the fellow will be able to manage complex inpatient medical issues and function as an excellent hospitalist.

About the Fellowship

The Hospital Medicine Fellowship includes one-on-one supervision and mentoring by experienced hospital medicine and subspecialty physicians on clinical rotations at Duke Regional Hospital. In addition to this clinical experience, the fellow will participate in didactic lectures, a Quality Improvement project and the teaching of family medicine residents and students.

How to Apply

Contact Fellowship Director Jeffrey Eschbach, MD,


Current Fellow

Why Choose a Hospital Medicine Fellowship

Hospital medicine has become one of the fastest growing areas in medicine. Given the need for well-trained hospitalists, our field has an obligation to enable family medicine graduates to pursue additional training to gain valuable experience in the following areas:

  • A curriculum that provides increased knowledge and improved skills in hospital medicine through clinical rotations, didactic sessions based on the Society of Hospital Medicine Core Curriculum, and personal mentoring
  • Systems-Based Practice including quality metrics, resource management, proper documentation and engagement in consultative services with medicine subspecialists
  • Discharge planning and transitions of care to outpatient care by coordination with case management team during multidisciplinary rounds
  • Quality Improvement project leading to enhanced patient care