The Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program expects that program fellows demonstrate a commitment to full participation for the length of the year-long program. The successful program participant recognizes and endorses the evolving role of the advanced practice nurse in shaping the future of improved health outcomes for all.

There are specific criteria for admission, one of which is in-person attendance for all onsite leadership retreats and live/synchronous participation via webcam for the distance-based core leadership web-conference. Please read carefully all Program Admissions and FAQ pages before applying.

Who Should Apply

The Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program is designed to support the advanced practice nurse who serves vulnerable populations. Ideal candidates for the program are advanced practice nurses wanting to acquire competencies in the skills and knowledge supportive of a successful nurse leader in a clinical setting.

Eligibility Standards: Eligible to apply to the Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program is the advanced practice nurse who:

  • has graduate education degree in nursing
  • is credentialed/certified as a nurse practitioner or certified nurse midwife
  • is currently practicing in the United States or its territories
  • has experience providing primary care services
  • has experience providing services for vulnerable patient populations
  • has one or more years of experience

(a) developing a nurse-managed practice, service or unit, (can include your current practice setting), OR

(b) overseeing a nurse-managed practice, service or unit, (can include your current practice setting), OR

(c) is in a position to advance into one of the independent roles listed above (a or b)

Other Items to Consider:

Program candidates must be able to:

  • Access technology which meets the current program requirements
  • Attend, in-person, the two core leadership onsite retreats in Durham, NC on April 25-28, 2019 and May 1-3, 2020
  • Provide live, synchronous participation in the distance-based core leadership web-conference November 16-17, 2019.

Selection Criteria

The Selection Committee will evaluate and score the successfully submitted applications based on the following:

  • whether the applicant has met the basic eligibility requirements
  • depth and scope of the applicant’s employment history, professional activities and volunteer experiences
  • applicant’s employer’s affirmed commitment to the program
  • strength of the applicant’s personal statements in response to the application essay questions

The results of the initial review and scoring will determine those candidates with whom phone interviews are requested.

Program Costs

The Duke Division of Community Health offers this year-long program at a one-time enrollment fee of $1,500 for the 2019-2020 program year. Payment of the program fee is due within seven days of notice of acceptance to the program.

Participants are also responsible for their own travel expenses. In addition, the program’s technology requirements include access to high speed internet connectivity for distance-based sessions, and a computer with speaker/microphone and built in camera or webcam.

All other expenses, such as meals, lodging during on-site sessions, required books and materials, and training fees will all be incurred by the program or are reimbursable.

How to Apply

The Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program uses the on-line application questionnaire, available during the program application period. Applicants must complete the questionnaire, and submit it on-line prior to the application deadline to be considered for admission.

A complete application package includes the following:

In the questionnaire, applicants are asked to upload a current Resume/CV and to provide the name of the person who will submit the employer letter of commitment on the applicant’s behalf. Applicants are also asked to respond to four essay questions in the application. If you have difficulty accessing the application, please contact

The employer letter of commitment should be scanned and emailed by the individual who completed and signed it to


Completed applications cannot be accepted after the published deadline. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

The application period for the 2019-20 program year has concluded.