Our People & Partners

One of our roles as a leading university is to create unparalleled learning experiences.  We have assembled staff, faculty, and thought-partners from Johnson & Johnson and an Advisory Board of outstanding leaders in their fields.  Together we have created the Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program.

Message from School of Medicine

Welcome to one of the most exciting times in health care! With ongoing national health care reform, there is a pressing need for clinicians who can lead the transformation of our medical care system to one that is focused on health, improves the experience of those for whom we care, and delivers better value. We hope and anticipate that many will be anticipate that many will be advanced practice nurses, who use their nursing background and experience to help direct the process of change from within the delivery system, in partnership with our patients and communities.

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Message from School of Nursing

Welcome to the website of the newly enhanced and team-focused Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program. I hope you will take some time to explore the information we are providing about this innovative leadership program designed to expand the leadership capacity of advanced practice nurses and the teams with which they collaborate.

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Message from Johnson & Johnson

We believe there is power in partnerships, and we are proud to partner with Duke University to help ensure the quality of patient care through a premier leadership development experience for advanced practice nurses, especially those who practice in community-based clinic settings serving underserved populations.

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