Program Partners: Message from School of Nursing

Welcome to the website of the newly enhanced and team-focused Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program. I hope you will take some time to explore the information we are providing about this innovative leadership program designed to expand the leadership capacity of advanced practice nurses and the teams with which they collaborate.

Advanced practice nurses have provided care to diverse patient populations throughout the United States in every practice setting for over fifty years. History has repeatedly shown that advanced practice nurses make a difference to patients and to their communities. The Institute of Medicine’s 2011 report, The Future of Nursing; Leading Change, Advancing Health, identified the importance of expanding the potential of advanced practice nurses as primary care providers across settings. The current health care environment needs practitioners who can lead the transformation of care delivery. Understanding systems, managing people and resources, and influencing policy are some of the content areas in which program participants will engage. You will build a network of colleagues not only with participants in the program, but with the advisory board and faculty as well. We know your life is busy and have designed the program to combine short in-person sessions with technology supported synchronous and asynchronous learning.

You will enter this program with the leadership abilities you already demonstrate in the health care settings in which you serve. We commit to enhancing and expanding your skills by providing encouragement, education and professional mentoring.

There is something invaluable about being a member of a specialized leadership program, joining a cohort of other nurse leaders and their team partners, and gaining the support of experienced role models. I have had that experience in the past and found it changed my career trajectory and provided considerable personal and professional growth and opportunity. I encourage you and your teams to consider applying for this unique program designed specifically for advanced practice nurses and partners who seek to enhance their abilities and serve as professional health care leaders in the future.

Anne Derouin, DNP, CPNP
Associate Professor
Duke University School of Nursing