Why Apply

Transformative Learning Experience

Designed especially for Advanced Practice Nurses, the Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program offers:

  • Innovative learning experiences, guided by national experts
  • Mentorship from exemplary nurse leaders
  • Tangible, immediate organizational improvement efforts
  • A national network of program alumni and partners


Flexible Learning Structure

Enjoy The Flexibility of A Program Designed Especially For You

The Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program is structured to provide the working advanced practice nurse a program rich in content and opportunities for professional development. The program maximizes the approach that enhances adult learning. Program activities are selected and scheduled around a model of succinct in-person sessions with technology supported learning in order to enable participating fellows the ability to achieve a higher level of learning while still maintaining a work-life balance.

Affordable Cost

Invest in The Future

The Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program is made available through a generous contribution from Johnson & Johnson. The very affordable cost of program participation is a worthwhile investment in your professional future and that of your community and clients. The investment of your time and efforts can lead, over time, to creating more efficient, effective and sustainable health care systems which improve the health outcomes and well-being of clients and their communities.

Increased Leadership & Management Competency

From baseline to post-program, participants in the first four program years reported:

  • 27% increase in Leadership competencies
  • 51% increase in Management competencies

Competency change graph

Improved Contributions to Organization

From baseline to post-program, among participants in the first four program years:

  • 82% reported changing the way they manage or interact with co-workers
  • >95% reported mentoring other nurses
  • 76% integrated interprofessional teamwork behaviors and functions related to patient care
  • 50% created or revised protocols

At post-program, among employers from the 2016-17 program year:

100% reported improvement since fellow began program in:

  • Acting on behalf of patients within the larger healthcare system
  • Improved approach or increased responsibility for organizational finance
  • Applying management best practices

94% reported that fellow had added a "good" or "great" amount to the organization since beginning the program.

Fellow impact graph

Among employers of fellows who had completed a project, 100% reported that the project had had "some" or "a significant" impact on the organization.

Project impact graph

Employers Say:

“This program was phenomenal! She learned so much and came back so energized by the people and course content. She was a rock star before the program, but she is even more of a rock star now. I think her mentor helped her a lot, gave her an objective and outside perspective. She was quite reflective throughout the year and that benefited all of us as she continued to ask excellent questions and push all of us towards excellence.”

Fellows Say:

“If you are looking for an environment where you are challenged to evaluate your leadership style, nurture your professional self and build a network of colleagues who have a similar interest….this is the program for you.”

“This fellowship has opened my eyes to my own capabilities to effect change. I can and will be a catalyst in my organization. I have been able to impact our clinic culture in such a positive way with this project. It is a totally different place to go to work! I feel empowered and confident to move forward to meet the demands of an underserved population. I also understand the value of a team and can work with my team in a more positive and productive way.”

“The program was the greatest leadership training experience that I have ever had. It helped me to more effectively negotiate and collaborate with others in my field. I have more confidence and much more flexibility with changing situations at work. It broadened my way of processing things in a professional sense; I am a more forward thinker.”