Adeola Phebean Oluwase, M.D., MSc Adeola Phebean Oluwase, M.D., MSc

During one of our last monthly community walks before the statewide lockdown for COVID-19, Lorna (not real name) and I brought up the rear. Our paces were perfectly matched; she, an elderly woman walking intentionally and carefully, and me, a young mother, pushing a double stroller with two kids. Our conversations ranged from our favorite things to do in Durham to her life as the partner of a diplomat and all the countries in which she has lived, to my life as a medical resident in Durham. We talked about her children and grandchildren, her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and her desire to maximize the time and quality of time she has with her family. Seeing us from afar, you would think we had known each other for years; in actuality, we had just met that morning.

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Belinda Khou PA-S Belinda Khou PA-S

It’s somewhat humorous now, but I signed up to write a blog in May because I knew it would feel like I was blazing toward graduation. I would be in the middle of my general surgery rotation and have plenty of outpatient and inpatient experiences under my belt.

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EOHW clinic

Working@Duke featured the work of Duke Employee Occupational Health & Wellness. An excerpt:


In mid-March, Matt Case was settling into his temporary surroundings in Washington D.C., where he was starting a two-month training stint with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, when his phone rang.

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Teah Bayless, DO Teah Bayless, DO

What are the challenges with geriatric care during COVID-19? 

COVID-19 poses several challenges in caring for our older adults. As we know, our elderly tend to have more adverse outcomes if they develop COVID-19. As such, many are seeking alternative platforms for care or are not receiving their routine care for chronic conditions. While telehealth, either by video or phone, is beneficial to continuing care and an option for us, caring for seniors who live alone and may not have access to MyChart through their phone or a computer, those who do not have the technology to support the video platform, and/or those with no phone, it creates a new challenge. Those with physical limitations, such as hearing impairment, also pose challenges. 

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Though Debra Whiteheart, MHS, PA-C, can feel tired and overwhelmed at times and admits to sometimes losing her patience with family and friends, she understand the importance of being a calm and consistent presence for her patients right now.

“I think they need that consistency, when everything else feels like it’s out of control,” Whiteheart says. “And I think they appreciate it. … It brings some familiarity to everything that’s not [familiar] right now.”

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