Woody Bass Woody Bass

Name: Woody Bass

Position: Information Services Specialist

Division/Program in department: Physician Assistant Program

Start date: 05/28/19

Where I worked prior to accepting this role: TenPlus Systems, a small technology firm in Raleigh.

What I will be doing in this role: Primarily supporting the faculty and staff of the PA Program with their technology needs, with some overlap supporting the PA students, as well.

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Chi Nguyen Chi Nguyen, PA-S

It is hard to believe that there is only one week left of clinical year. Ten years ago when I was working as a manager for my family’s construction business, I didn’t even know what a PA was, much less think I’d be back in school, and married with a 3-year-old son. Now, six years after learning about this amazing profession, I will soon be a PA and have the privilege of being a trusted member of patients’ lives.

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Tiffani Chang Tiffani Chang, PA-S

Last winter, a video uploaded on YouTube went viral with over a million views. This popular video showed a small cub climbing up a steep, snow-covered slope in Eastern Russia. The cub repeatedly slips and falls down the treacherous slope as its mother waits at the top of the slope. This heart-wrenching, thrilling video shows the cub’s never-ending perseverance to succeed.  

As I reflect on my first year of PA school, I look back and picture myself as this cub throughout the year, constantly struggling and falling down. With the daily grind of lectures, assignments and exams, I wrestled with stress, fatigue, and discouragement as the intensity of the program persisted. I thought about what I need to prepare, what I need to study, and what I did not know. But like this cub, I had an incredible support system of classmates, family, friends, and Duke PA faculty — my mama and papa bears — that helped me keep my eyes set toward the top and remember my "why."

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Clayton Cooper, MD, MBA Clayton Cooper, MD, MBA

Each day I care for patients at Duke Family Medicine Center, in the hospital, or occasionally in a nursing home or a patient’s own home. While each individual’s story is unique, over time I have begun to see patterns in my patients:

  • Delays in seeking care due to not being able afford a high deductible leading to emergency or hospital care.
  • Inability to pay for medications due to skyrocketing costs.
  • Traveling long distances to seek medical care due to the shortage of primary care physicians.   

As a family physician, I can make a difference on a one-on-one level by helping to keep my patients healthy and address their concerns when ill, but I can also use my voice to speak on behalf of my patients to prevent the patterns I see time and time again. 

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Linh Nguyen, MD Linh Nguyen, MD

While scanning through the peer evaluations at my recent semi-annual review, I happened upon the following comment:

“She appears to be Teflon to the daily frustrations of being a resident physician.”

I was flattered and immediately inspired by this observation. Did I hold the secrets to solving the physician burnout health crisis, and if so, wouldn’t that be an exciting thing to share with readers in my upcoming blog post?

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