Rita Butterfield Rita Butterfield

Name: Rita Butterfield

Position: Research Program Leader

Division/Program in department: Physician Assistant

Start date: April 1, 2019

Years at Duke (if applicable): 6 months

Where I worked prior to accepting this role: Psychiatry at Duke, before that at UNC in Pediatrics

What I will be doing in this role: Working with Perri Morgan and Chris Everett on the variety of research projects they are conducting.

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Jessica Veale Jessica Veale

How many of you are thinking, “I don't have a chance of getting into Duke; I shouldn’t even apply”? Well, you are not alone; I felt the same way. As a second-time CASPA applicant, I had little hope that I actually would get into the program. Self-doubt stopped me from applying to Duke the first cycle and almost stopped me the second cycle, too. I came up with every excuse why I shouldn’t apply: My grades were not high enough, my health care experience was not competitive enough, and to top it all off I am a Tar Heel. However, with some encouragement from my family, I finally decided to apply.

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Sarah Russell Sarah Russell, PharmD

As a second-year resident and a pharmacist preparing to enter the work force, I am constantly trying to find resources to make sure I stay up-to-date on patient-care and pharmacotherapy. The best (and for some, worst) part about medicine is that it is always changing; there are always new innovative therapies coming out for our patients in order to optimize their care.

In health care, it is vital to stay involved and active in the profession and recognize and utilize all resources available to you. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite resources here:

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Lauren Hart Lauren Hart

Name: Lauren Hart

Position: Research Program Leader

Division/Program in department: Research Unit

Start date: Feb. 19, 2019

Where I worked prior to accepting this role: Before accepting this role, I worked at MEASURE Evaluation at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Jose Carlo Esteban Jose Carlo Esteban, PA-S

An elderly woman from China, who spoke little English, sat across from me and listened attentively to my counseling points of her new diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type 2. Her teenage grandson sat beside her and listened just as attentively.

He was writing down almost everything I said — which medications his grandmother would be on, how often she would need to check her blood sugars, what specialty visits she would routinely need to attend, what labs needed to be monitored, and what red flags to look out for that warranted urgent medical attention. It certainly was a frenzy of information, yet the grandson confidently spoke up with any questions that came to mind, and then translated anything his grandmother needed to address.

As I listened to the boy, his active yet mature engagement sparked memories of my own earliest footprint in health care. It was not too long ago that I, too, was wearing the same shoes as the patient’s grandson for my own grandmother.

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