Karen Scherr, MD, PhD Karen Scherr, M.D., Ph.D.

Avoiding the doctor’s office? You are not alone.

As a primary care physician, an important part of my job is to ensure patients are up-to-date on their “health maintenance,” which includes screening tests (e.g. pap smears or colonoscopies) and also preventive medicine (e.g. flu shots). I spend hours talking with patients about the importance of health maintenance, inquiring about any barriers to getting care, and helping them brainstorm solutions to overcome these barriers. I truly believe in the importance of these things, and it is one of the reasons that I chose family medicine.

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Alissa Kirby PA-S Alissa Kirby PA-S

Soon, I will finish my last clinical rotation as a Duke Physician Assistant (PA) student.

I am writing this from the floor of my empty apartment, after packing everything I own into a U-Haul for my move back to Maryland. Two years ago, I looked at this same empty apartment on move-in day, imagining how different my “PA student life” would be from the one I left behind.

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Shelby Moored PA-S Shelby Moored PA-S

Our last school year is about to begin

Never thought the day would come!  

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Baby birds, corgi, cat, moth

In their own words: The Duke Physician Assistant Program is bringing you glimpses into the daily lives of our students during the COVID-19 global pandemic


First-year student: Liza Moore


What are your needs? What do you have to offer? These two questions jumped out at me on my neighborhood's handmade COVID-19 Mutual Aid posters. Are these not some of the most important questions we can ask? They function as opposites in some ways.

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Linh Nguyen, M.D. Linh Nguyen, M.D.

In my last resident blog post, I wrote about cultivating resilience amidst the rigors of residency training. Even as a newly-minted third-year resident, this remains a moving target. In light of recent worldwide events, I have been wrestling with managing my brain’s negativity bias when confronted with the deluge of upsetting headlines, social media posts, and topics of conversation. When there is so much to fight against and to be upset about, where does happiness fit in? 

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