Andrew Yuan, M.D. Andrew Yuan, M.D.

We’ve known each other so long I’ve forgotten how we first met.
What caught my eye?
The joy on the faces of others
The way the light glistened, highlighting
a certain smoothness and simplistic beauty.
Surrounded by various companions,
I’m sure you were radiant that day.
Perhaps a friend introduced us
I’m not sure I would have been adventurous enough to approach on my own
And what a beautiful name you had.

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Anna Stephenson PA-S Anna Stephenson PA-S

Each Student is Unique – A Path to PA School

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Adaugo Iwuala PA-S

Being a Duke Physician Assistant Program student is such a blessing to me. Sometimes I am still in awe about the fact that I get to study medicine at such an amazing program! The first semester was a whirlwind, but I’ve done some reflecting on some of the biggest lessons I have learned along the way.

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Kay Blackwelder-Young (right) with her husband, Bob Kay Blackwelder-Young (right) with her husband, Bob

Name: Kay Blackwelder-Young, RN, COHN

Position: Senior Occupational Health Nurse

Division/Program in department: Duke Occupational Health Services / EOHW-RTP Clinic

Start date: 1/2/2020

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Sarah Morrison

Name: Sarah Morrison

Position: Staff Assistant

Division/Program in department: Physician Assistant Program

Start date: 12/9/19

Time at Duke: This is my first year!

Where I worked prior to accepting this role: I was employed by Duke Temporary Services to work as a Front Desk Staff Assistant for the PA Program.

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