By Viviana Martinez-Bianchi, M.D., FAAFP

It was that time of the year. Match Day was approaching, and some nights I would lie awake, wondering who our new interns would be.

I would think of the outstanding young men and women we interviewed this recruiting season for the Duke Family Medicine Residency Program; the amazing conversations that often felt rushed in a 30-minute interview, feeling that I had just met a peer, a soulmate, a passionate advocate, someone with an extremely intelligent mind.

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Katie Peregrin Katie Peregrin, PA-S

“They must have sent me an acceptance letter by mistake …. Wait are we sure I should even be in here right now? …. Wow they’re already diving into material …. That girl had the right idea by bringing her highlighters ….

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Justin Frye Justin Frye, PA-S

One of my favorite aspects of the Duke PA program (and one of the many reasons why I chose Duke) is the incredible diversity of the students that comprise each class year after year. Each of us possesses a long list of unique experiences, accomplishments, and perspectives, and our education is enriched every day because of this. 

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Michelle McGahanName: Michelle McGahan

Position: Staff Specialist

Division in CFM: Personal Assistance Service

Time in this position: 15 years

Years at Duke: 24

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By Farhad Modarai, DO

In many ways, the business world knows more about our patients than we do as health care providers. Businesses know what kind of food their customers buy, how often they fill their prescriptions, their spending patterns, and can often even predict what they will need based on analyzing this data.

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