Kiarash Rahmanian, PA-S Kiarash Rahmanian, PA-S

Marie Curie famously wrote, “Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.”

But, people come up with the ideas and these ideas may be about people, so what did she truly mean by this? I think she wrote these words to encompass that ideas or theories draw our curiosity at first, and should be the foundation of any new research. But, she did not delineate that curiosity about people is what drives scholarly investigation. In my case, this has held to be true.

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Ashley Glenn Ashley Glenn

Name: Ashley Glenn

Position: Financial Analyst 1

Division/Program in department: Chair's Office

Start date: 05/01/2019

Years at Duke: 7

Where I worked prior to accepting this role: Duke TIP

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Cerrone Cohen, M.D. Cerrone Cohen, M.D.

The growing number of children in foster homes is a national, state-wide and local problem. At nearly 11,000 kids, the foster care population in North Carolina alone is greater than the total number of residents in Camden, Jones, Graham, Hyde, or Tyrrell counties. This is just a fraction of the 442,000 children and young adults in the foster care system nationwide.

Locally, there are about 300 children in foster care in Durham but only about 100 licensed foster homes in the entire county. Often overlooked, children in foster care sit in classrooms alongside our own children while simultaneously sitting in the uncertainty of not having a permanent home. While there are always serious circumstances that precede a child being placed into foster care, don’t assume you know their stories.

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Alice Curchin, PA-S Alice Curchin, PA-S

Prior to PA school, I worked in a high school teaching health literacy. I loved working with my students to help them reach their academic and personal dreams, but I often found my knowledge base coming up short when they needed me to provide information on more complex medical issues. I did not have the tools to help them process their history of trauma, their new diabetes diagnosis, or how to treat their three-month old infant’s rash. Working with these students, I shared in their confusion and felt paralyzed by our combined lack of medical knowledge.

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Matthew Geisz, M.D. Matthew Geisz, M.D.

Health Insurance: A Brief History

It’s complicated.

Health insurance in the United States is complicated. Consider your own health insurance plan: Is it employer-based, government program, or self-insured? Is your plan an HMO, PPO, or managed care plan? Do you have a high premium and low deductible or a low premium and high deductible? Do you have an HSA? Phew… It is enough acronyms and clumsily named programs to give me a headache.

Why does it matter?

As the 2020 U.S. presidential election draws near, health insurance stands to be at the center of the debate yet again. While a divisive topic, most can agree that our patchwork system is seeing ever-rising health insurance costs with relatively poor health outcomes. Not to mention the uninsured or underinsured populations. America’s health insurance system is now a stitch work of programs — both public and private — born out of necessity rather than design.

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