Duke OEM provides comprehensive occupational health services ranging from pre-placement exams, medical surveillance, workers compensation injury care, Occupational Safety and Health Administration-mandated respirator clearance, audiometry, vaccinations, and travel consults. These services also include management and oversight of state, local, and nationally-mandated regulatory programs that impact employee health and safety. Full spectrum industrial hygiene, biologic safety, toxicology risk assessments, ergonomic and employee assistance services are also available. These high quality services have been well received by employees and employers and have been successful in managing risk and reducing costs.

The Duke OEM consult services include:

Corporate Consulting

Development, management, and evaluation of entire occupational health programs to problem-specific, short-term assistance.

Ergonomics and Occupational Pain

Recommending appropriate cost-effective changes to jobs and workstations to reduce the risk of injury.

Ergonomics Training

A variety of courses for employees providing information about ergonomics.

Toxicology Program

Providing toxicological assessments of consumer and commercial products necessary to comply with federal and state laws concerning labeling and worker hazard communication.

Work Ability/Disability

Helping workplaces answer questions regarding the junction between work and health.