Ergonomics is the science of matching jobs to the worker and products to the user. An effective match optimizes worker performance and productivity as well as health, safety, and comfort. Ergonomics improves well-being of employees by reducing workplace discomfort or pain through identification and control of ergonomic "hazards." Ergonomists, physicians, and physical therapists work together to provide expertise in adapting jobs and work environments to match the worker.

Consulting Services:

  • Performing work site evaluations to identify workplace risk factors that may cause or aggravate musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)
  • Providing written recommendations for controlling or abating observed ergonomic risk factors
  • Exam, treatment, and detailed work recommendations at any stage of pain disorders which are work related or which limit work capacity
  • Assisting with structuring and implementing an ergonomics program.
  • Conducting ergonomics training classes for managers, supervisors, and employees
  • Assisting with challenging job designs, facility layouts, and work areas
  • Recommending appropriate cost-effective changes to jobs and workstations to reduce the risk of injury.

Contact Information

Tamara James, MA, CPE