Duke Faculty

Duke Physicians

Dennis Darcey, MD, MSPH, MPH, Chief
Carol Epling, MD, MSPH
George W. Jackson, MD
Samuel Moon, MD, MPH
Kristen Said, MD
Satish Subramaniam, MD, MPH 

Duke Adjunct Physicians

Brian Caveney, MD, JD, MPH
Chief Medical Officer
President of LabCorp Diagnostics
Burlington, NC 

John Cromer MD, MSPH 
Director Occupational Medicine Consulting
Wilmington, NC 

Ricky Langley, MD, MPH
Division of Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology
Raleigh, NC 

David Seibens, MD MPH 
Medical Services Director – US  
Glaxo Smith Kline
Durham, NC 

Gregg Stave, MD, JD, MPH
Former Corporate Medical Director 
Glaxo Pharmaceuticals  
Durham, NC  

Amanda Trimpey, MD, MPH
District Medical Advisor U.S. Department of Labor
Former Global Medical Director General Electric
Wilmington, NC 

Duke Biohazard Science

Wayne R. Thomann, DrPH

Duke Biological Safety

Antony Schwartz, PhD, SM (NRCM), CBSP 

Duke Epidemiology

Candice Johnson, PhD 

Duke Ergonomics

James Koshy, PhD 

Duke Occupational and Environmental Safety Office

Matthew Stiegel, PhD 

Duke Toxicology

Chester Rodriquez, PhD, DABT, ERT 

Division Administrative Director

Ellen O'Briant, RN

UNC-Chapel Hill Faculty

Gilling’s School of Public Health