Occupational Epidemiology


  • Work and health disparities among rural women
  • Back disorders in union carpenters
  • Prevention of injuries from nail guns in residential construction
  • Evaluation of fall prevention training among residential carpenter apprentices
  • Effectiveness of patient lift equipment
  • Risk factors for needle stick injuries in operating rooms

Chronic Disease

  • Dockworkers mortality study
  • COPD risks among construction workers
  • Mortality and cancer risks among asbestos textile workers
  • Mortality of DOE construction workers
  • Cancer and lung disease risks among sheet metal sorkers
  • Hearing loss among construction workers


  • Surveillance methods for health care and related workers
  • Surveillance research methods in construction injury
  • National building trades medical screening program for DOE workers
  • Surveillance and prevention of workplace violence experienced by health care workers

Sports Injury Surveillance Epidemiology

  • Validity and reliability of the NCAA web-based injury surveillance system

Exposure Assessment

  • Chrysotile: new exposure indices for cancer epidemiology
  • Exposure assessment for DOE construction workers
  • Exposure assessment for COPD epidemiology studies

Health Services Research

  • Health plan programs for diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention and management
  • Workplace interventions for obesity
  • Interactions of personal and workplace factors on injury risks and costs

Residency Program Research Activities

Residents of the Residency Program in Occupational and Environmental Medicine also participate in research. Learn more about our Research Activities here.