Cara Hall, MD

Third Year, Chief Resident

What are your career goals?

Clinically, I am interested in sports medicine, reproductive health, and adolescent medicine. In my career, I would ultimately like to pursue an administrative role such as residency program director while also continuing my interests in teaching and research.

What drew you to the Duke Family Medicine Residency Program?

Duke seems to draw residents who have well-rounded interests both in and outside the realm of medicine. The attention to public health and leadership seemed like a great fit given my career goals.

What makes Duke Family Medicine special?

The residents and the culture — everyone has a passion for involvement whether it be at national conference or on a community level, the people here just believe in truly making a difference.

What strengths or skills do you have that could be of benefit to the community?

I have a strong background in reproductive health and patient-centered health care that brings a different perspective to women’s health. I also have experience in fitness and wellness that I hope to bring to my patient population within family medicine and specifically within sports medicine.

What are you passionate about?

I enjoy motivating others to make lifelong changes to better their physical and mental health. It amazes me how much power we, as providers, can give to our patients if we instill confidence within them to change the health of themselves and their families.

What are your hobbies?

Anything outdoors. I love to hike, bike, and kayak. I have been a group fitness instructor for five years.

Name something interesting few people know about you.

I’ve gone sky diving, bungee jumping, and glacial climbing in one week’s span.

Education and Training

University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, NY (Medical Education-MD)

Pomona College, Claremont CA (Undergrad)