Fred Johnson, MBA

Assistant Professor

Fred Johnson, MBA is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community & Family Medicine, Vice Chief in the Division of Community Health, Director of Clinical and Care Management Services, and Director of Northern Piedmont Community Care, Duke University Health System.  He joined the Division in 2003.

Mr. Johnson’s professional career focuses on designing and implementing community engaged approaches to improving quality of life and health of communities.  He has spent 40 years organizing and building capacity of neighborhood and institutional leaders to address social determinants, and initiating and managing community, medical and economic development strategies within the context of place and equity.  Mr. Johnson currently directs a wide range of effective clinical and care management services.  These include a six-county Medicaid care management network, Northern Piedmont Community Care (NPCC); the Local Access to Coordinated Care (LATCH) program, serving uninsured Durham residents; three neighborhood primary care clinics serving under- and uninsured patients; operation of one high school based wellness center; successful transformation of and clinical oversight for five elementary school clinics; and the Just for Us Program, which cares for chronically ill homebound seniors in their homes. He is a dedicated leader in the Division of Community Health, which currently operates more than 40 collaborative, community-based clinical, care management, research, and educational programs across the city of Durham, the region, and the state of North Carolina.  

Prior to joining Duke, Mr. Johnson served as Vice President of Resources for Seniors Inc. (RFS), a Raleigh, North Carolina corporation. During his ten-year tenure at RFS, he developed and managed adult day centers, senior centers, case management, in-home care programs, and allied health services serving 1,000 clients daily.  His publications focus on population management, intervention strategies and informatics.  Mr. Johnson’s most recent publication is a chapter in the “The Practical Playbook”   Public Health and Primary Care Together, Oxford University Press 2016.  Mr. Johnson earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Wake Forest University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Loyola College.  He is co-instructor of the course Population Health Management Approaches.