Linh Nguyen, MD

Second Year, Wellness Chair

What are your career goals?

I know that regardless of the kind of family practice I have, I want to continue working with students in some capacity and to help inspire the next generation(s) of family medicine physicians. Aside from this, the beauty of this specialty is that your career is like a “choose your own adventure”: our training prepares us to work in a variety of health care setting (e.g., a large academic center, an FQHC, a DPC practice) and gives us the flexibility to tailor the scope and details of our practice to our life circumstances and changing interests.

What drew you to the Duke Family Medicine Residency Program?

In addition to the excellent ambulatory training and innovative integration of community and population health into the curriculum, what impressed me most was the philosophy of encouraging and facilitating residents to be “family medicine plus….” We all want to be the most competent family physicians we can be, and Duke not only prepares us to be that but also recognizes the diverse passions of its residents as strengths rather than distractions and has designed a curriculum and environment to allow exploration of those interests concurrently with clinical training. This “family medicine plus…” mentality encourages residents to pursue our interests outside of the clinic, whether that be in leadership, research, advocacy, global health, nutritional science, LGBTQ-related health concerns, etc., and supports those endeavors using the department’s and Duke’s vast network of resources.

What strengths or skills do you have that could be of benefit to the community?

I am also curious about local organizations, businesses, and initiatives and look for ways to facilitate partnerships among them for the betterment of the community.

What are you passionate about?

Culinary medicine; women’s reproductive health and contraception; narrative medicine; pipeline and outreach programs, especially in regards to encouraging young girls/women to pursue careers in STEM fields; integrative health and incorporating complementary approaches into mainstream health care in a safe and effective manner.

What are your hobbies?

They include but are not exclusive to: yoga (mostly vinyasa and power flow, but I’ve also practiced some kundalini), running 5K races and the occasional half marathon, playing movie scores or Top 40 hits on the guitar or piano, karaoke jam sessions, and making elaborate lists of “must-try” foods and restaurants for myself, family, or friends.

Education and Training

University of Oklahoma College of Medicine (Medical Education-MD)

University of Oklahoma (Undergraduate)