Michelle Lynn, MBA, MHA

Michelle Lyn
Chief, Division of Community Health

Ms. Lyn began her Duke career in 1998, as a founding member of the Division of Community Health and was instrumental in designing and launching more than 40 of the Division’s collaborative, community-based clinical, care management, educational, and research initiatives.  Ms. Lyn’s contributions to the Division’s clinical programs include the development of neighborhood clinics; school-based health centers; and the Just for Us Program, which cares for chronically ill homebound seniors in their homes. She was also instrumental in the creation of 1) the Division’s care management services, which included a North Carolina Community Care Network, Northern Piedmont Community Care (NPCC) covering six North Carolina counties, linking more than 50 primary care practices, four hospital systems, and local departments of social services, health and mental health serving approximately 80,000 Medicaid beneficiaries;  and 2) the Local Access to Coordinated Healthcare Program (LATCH) which provides care management services for uninsured individuals in Durham County. 

In 2016, Ms. Lyn worked with Duke Health leadership to create the Duke Population Health Management Office (PHMO) to unify and centralize ambulatory care management and other services currently provided by NPCC, LATCH and DukeWELL (Duke’s care management program for employees and their families) under a single Duke University Health System entity.  Ms. Lyn serves the PHMO as its Lead for Community Health Initiatives and Strategy. In addition to her work in clinical and care management services for vulnerable populations through the Division and the PHMO, Ms. Lyn has made numerous contributions to the education and research realms of Duke Health.  She served as the founding Program Director for Duke’s Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Leadership, the Community Health Leadership Program, and the Community Health Fellowship; as well Course Director for the Community Health Elective in the School of Medicine. 

Ms. Lynn has served as the Associate Director of the Duke Center for Community Research of the Duke Translational Medicine Institute, created through Duke’s 2006 NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award.  She now serves as the Co-Director of the Center for Community and Population Health Improvement (CCPHI) of the newly launched Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute.  Ms. Lyn’s role with CCPHI focuses on identifying opportunities to create new evidence-based cross-sectoral models to improve health and inform policy.  Ms. Lyn is co-instructor of the course Population Health Management Approaches.