Perri Anne Morgan

Professor in Family Medicine and Community Health
800 South Duke Street, Box 104780, Durham, NC 27710
(919) 681-3161

Dr. Morgan is a health services researcher focusing on PAs and NPs in the health workforce and on outcomes associated with their use in different roles and settings.  As Director of Research in the Duke PA Division, she led the development of the PA Research section, which is one of only a few such groups nationally.  As a practicing PA for 25 years, Dr. Morgan has extensive knowledge of the PA profession from the perspective of a clinician.  As one of a very few national experts on education, practice, and workforce issues related to the PA profession, Dr. Morgan is regularly invited to serve in national and state level policy advisory positions.  Her research, linked below, addresses methodological problems of data sources for use in research on PAs and NPs, the effect of PA use on health resource utilization, and use and roles of PAs and NPs in various settings.

Education and Training

  • Emory University, P.A.- C. 1987
  • University of Wisconsin at Madison, M.Ed. 2000
  • University of Wisconsin at Madison, Ph.D. 2007


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