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Three Duke Scientists Awarded NIH Grants for High-Risk, High-Reward Research
Published Tuesday, October 5, 2021, Duke School of Medicine News Office

Pandemic Response Shows Path For Improved Health Care in the Future
Published September 16, 2021, Duke Health News Office

Study Shows Minimal COVID-19 Infections Among Children at Day Camps
Published February 3, 2021, Duke Health News Office

Duke University's Aggressive COVID Testing and Surveillance Minimized Infections
Published November 17, 2020, Duke Health News Office

Bundled interventions improve bystander CPR, increase out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival
Published September 3, 2020, Duke-NUS Medical School News Office

New Ingredient in Cocaine Vaccine Shows Promise in Mouse Study
Published February 05, 2020, Duke Health News Office

Spikes in Blood Pressure Among Young Adults Spell Trouble in Mid-Age
Published January 17, 2020, Duke Health News Office

Cardiac Arrests in Hispanic Neighborhoods Less Likely to get CPR from Bystanders
Published January 2, 2020, Duke Health News Office

High Blood Pressure Poses Risk of Heart/Stroke Events for People Under Age 40
Published November 2, 2018, Duke Health News Office

Industry News

Duke Researchers Find Lower Annual Costs for Primary Care Patients of PAs and NPs Compared to Physicians
Published June 13, 2019, AAPA News Central