Staff Spotlight: Jacob Christy

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Jacob Christy
Jacob Christy

Name: Jacob Christy

Position: Clinical Research Coordinator

Division/Program in department: Research Unit

Start date: June 24, 2019

Years at Duke: 6 years

Where I worked prior to accepting this role: Duke Global Digital Health Science Center

What I will be doing in this role: I will primarily assist research faculty with navigating the regulatory process and help them with managing their various studies.

What I most look forward to in this role: All of the faculty I will be working with have such diverse research interests. I am excited to learn about their field of expertise, build on my understanding of health and develop more research skills.  

My first job: I worked at Johnny T-Shirt, a Carolina clothing store, in Chapel Hill when I was 17 years old. I was a cashier at times, but I mostly folded t-shirts all day! This experience definitely taught me the importance of refolding any clothes I unfold at a clothing store.

My dream job: Growing up, I always wanted to be a professional athlete. Unfortunately, my genes disagreed with this career choice.

What I like to do for fun: I love playing or watching sports, especially at the collegiate level. I also enjoy spending time with my family (including my German Shepherd) and friends.

Favorite musician, movie, TV show, or book: Homeland. Every episode keeps me hooked!

Something my co-workers probably don’t know about me: I used to play football, wrestle, run track and sing in a choir.