Family Medicine’s Jonathan Bonnet discusses ‘French Fry Discussion’ article on radio show

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Duke Family Medicine third-year resident Jonathan Bonnet, M.D., was a guest on Super Human Radio Monday, discussing “Rethinking Obesity Counseling: Having the French Fry Discussion,” an article published in the Journal of Obesity and written by Duke Family Medicine and Division of Community Health authors.

Listen to the audio here.

Authors are Bonnet and Aaron George, DO, also a Duke Family Medicine Center third-year resident; Mina Silberberg, Ph.D., assistant professor and vice chief for research and evaluation in the Division of Community Health; Pippa Evans, M.D., Duke Primary Care; and Diana Dolinsky, M.D., MPH, a general pediatrician in private practice.

The article examines a study of family medicine primary care providers’ perceived barriers for preventing and treating pediatric obesity and their related practice behavior during well-child visits.

The authors suggest primary care providers could consider integrating a “French Fry Discussion” at the 12-month well-child care visit, based on findings that food choices transition toward fast foods between a child’s age of 12 and 24 months.