MHS in Clinical Leadership Spring 2023 Course: Health Care Operations: Perspectives for Continuous Improvement


The Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Leadership (MHS-CL) program is offering its popular CLP-215 course for the spring. CLP-215 is offered from January – April 2023. This program course is open to both degree and non-degree seeking learners. Clinicians, healthcare administrators, faculty, staff, and graduate students are welcome to participate as non-degree students. In addition, some Duke employees may be eligible for the Duke Employee Tuition Assistance Program (


Spring Course Description

CLP-215: Health Care Operations: Perspectives for Continuous Improvement


Course Director: Mitch Babb, MBA/MHA, RN, chief operating officer, Duke Regional Hospital.


Students will develop a toolkit for continuous improvement within health care organizations and systems and will explore decision making processes, analysis of those decisions, and concepts used to design and execute processes. They will examine the importance and development of appropriate operational goals. Through course content, students also will gain an understanding of lean thinking, potential biases in decision-making and process analysis. Students will apply these concepts and present work on their own projects and/or assignments given by the instructor. Credit: 3.


By the end of this course, learners will be able to:


  • Better understand how system design and up front organization are key for optimal outcomes


  • Evaluate how people execute in system design, including the decision making biases inherent within everyone


  • Better evaluate system design for potential suboptimal outcomes


  • Better interpret outcomes so as to make more targeted system improvements


  • Create more focused problem statements and goals that actually define a need


  • Understand how to apply lean thinking to any situation or problem


How to apply

For more information about spring course offerings or to apply, call (919) 681-7007 or e-mail

The Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Leadership program is offered by the Duke University School of Medicine.