Clinic Locations

With 10 locations across Durham and the Triangle area, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health clinics provide a wide range of primary care, preventive and care-management services, and also offer services for populations with health disparities that face barriers to care, including the LGBTQ+ population.

Clinic Locations

1. Duke Employee Occupational Health and Wellness

Duke Clinic building, Duke Health campus, Durham, NC
Appointments: (919) 684-3136 (option #2)
Offering services for Duke's employees such as flu shots, health reviews, and FMLA management

2. Duke Family Medicine Center

2100 Erwin Road, Durham, NC
Appointments: (919) 684-6721
Offering full-spectrum family medicine and primary care

3. Duke Occupational Health Research Triangle Park

4825 Creekstone Drive, Durham, NC
Appointments: (919) 286.3232, Ext. 2
Offering occupational and environmental services to contracted employers throughout the Triangle area

4. Duke Personal Assistance Service (PAS)

2200 W. Main Street, Durham, NC
Appointments: (919) 286.3232, Ext. 2
Offering short-term counseling and referrals for Duke employees

5. Duke Student Health

Student Wellness Center, Duke University West Campus, Durham, NC
Appointments: (919) 681-9355
Offering wide range of services for Duke's student population

6. Holton Wellness Center

401 N. Driver Street, Durham, NC
Appointments: (919) 530-8210
Offering primary care

7. Just for Us

807 S. Duke Street, Durham, NC
Appointments: (919) 956-5386
Offering coordinated primary care for the home-bound and elderly

8. Lyon Park Clinic

1313 Halley Street, Suite 137, Durham, NC
Appointments: (919) 536-4205

9. Southern High School Wellness Center

800 Clayton Road, Durham, NC
Appointments: (919) 560-2536
Offering primary care, health screens, physicals for students

10. Walltown Neighborhood Clinic

815 Broad Street, Durham, NC
Appointments: (919) 416-1254
Offering primary care