Faculty Development

We want every faculty member in Family Medicine and Community Health to feel fiercely claimed and supported by our department. Our people are our greatest asset and we’re committed to being strong advocates to make sure each faculty member has excellent mentorship, sponsorship and coaching in their academic and scholarly pursuits. We aim for development to be continuous and iterative and while documented in the annual review process, that should not be the only conversations you are having with your advisor (division chief or designee) about your plans. If you’re ever feeling stuck, reach out for help, I’m here for you. 

Gregory Sawin MD, MPH 
Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Education & Faculty Development 

Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure

School of Medicine Office of Faculty Appointments, Promotion and Tenure 

Please see School of Medicine's Office of Faculty Appointments, Promotion and Tenure. Most FMCH faculty will be on the Clinical Science APT Career Track.

Department of Family Medicine and Community Health Faculty Promotion Resources 

Steps for Promotion 

  1. Meet with Division Chief (or designee) annually to obtain feedback on where you are on the promotion pathway and plan timeline activities you will need to get to the next step, along with any needed resources. The Division Chief (or designee) will serve as your faculty advisor who is responsible for making sure you have good mentorship, sponsorship and coaching and attests to such along with faculty development plan for the coming year in your annual review.   
  1. Establish/Refine five-year timeline for promotion with Division Chief.  
  1. Keep your  CV updated and in Duke format (Tips for Duke CV formatting)  
  1. Keep an updated Academic Portfolio  
  1.  Author your  Intellectual Statement: Here are Guidelines,  and a Sample Intellectual Statement:  
  1. Identify  8-10 potential faculty letter writers who are at a faculty rank AT LEAST AS HIGH as the rank to which you are aspiring who can serve as reviewers of your promotional package. Send names/addresses with your packet. Department leadership can help identify potential letter writers if needed. Letter writers may be familiar with you but should not be close peers or people you have worked or collaborated with.  
  1. Write Letter to Division Chief/Department Chair requesting promotion:  Highlight your career especially since your last promotion and request to be considered for promotion. 
  1. Send  #3, #4, #5, & #6 “in a “packet” to Rebecca Franklin.  
  1. Still confused or have Questions regarding promotion? Don’t suffer alone: we’re here to help! Contact your advisor (whoever does your annual review) for coaching on the process. Other resources:  
    1. Vice Chair for Education & Faculty Development: Greg Sawin (Gregory.sawin@duke.edu) 
    2. Co-chairs of Co-chairs of Departments APT Committee: Truls Ostbye truls.ostbye@duke.edu, Kathy Andolsec kathy.andolsek@duke.edu or  
    3. Also inquire with Rebecca Franklin rebecca.franklin@duke.edu, for logistical help or if you need help identifying other faculty in our department that have recently been promoted.  

Additional Resources

Faculty Development 

  • Family Medicine and Community Health faculty and staff may become members of Duke Academy for Health Professions Education and Academic Development (Duke AHEAD), which promotes excellence in the education of health professionals by creating a community of education scholars, fostering innovation in health professions education, supporting outstanding teachers, providing faculty development programs, and facilitating quality education research.